Presidente de Cozinheiros Sem Fronteiras

Para Brasil, Angola, Cabo Verde y Portugal- Cozinheiros Sem Fronteiras President for Brasil, Angola, Cabo Verde and Portugal

Celso Dos Santos


presidente Cuisiniers Volontaires Sans Frontieres

Philippe Castell

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Doctor Geraldo Mathar

Presidente Honorario

1940 - 2013 ( f )




Fundada en 1993 por nuestro presidente Diego Silva Lehmann como la primer organización culinaria, filantrópica organizada en el mundo con el objeto de ofrecer a los jóvenes una importante faceta  de ayuda social de la carrera de cocina: La humanitaria. Es así como fue inscrita en los estatutos de AREGALA como una organización interna y luego registrada en Brasil, Quebec, Francia, USA, Argentina, Perú, México .



Founded in 1993 by our president Diego Silva Lehmann as the first  philatropic culinary organization, organized philanthropy in the world in order to offer young people an important facet of social assistance  in their cooking career.  Thus was registered in the statutes of Aregala as an internal organization and then registered in Brazil, Quebec, France, USA, Argentina, Peru, Mexico.


En 1999 fue nombrado Presidente Honorario de COCINEROS SIN FRONTERAS EN EL MUNDO al médico Brasilero Dr Geraldo Mattar.


In 1999 he was appointed Honorary President of COOKS  WITHOUT BORDERS  the Brazilian doctor  Geraldo Mattar.



Cooks Without Frontiers (CWF) has organized several humanitarian-aid events; some examples:

In 2003 CWF organized a fundraising buffet in Lima, Perú with a view to financing a study of foods of foods with the necessary nutrients for children with nourishing deficiencies in the Puno region of Peru.

Multiple Sclerosis Association (2006) in the city of Mendoza, Argentina.

In 2007, CWF organized a fundraising buffet at El Pueblo Hotel in Lima, Perú, for the benefit of the victims of the earthquake that hit the city of Ica, Peru, earlier that year.

In 2009 CWF has also donated 5,000 Mexican pesos to the Zacatecas Food Bank, Mexico.

CWF is planning a fundraising buffet in Costa Rica for the benefit of homeless Haitian Children.

In 2010 CWF has also donated 5,000 pesos for the Association of Cancer stricken Children of Mexico.

En 2010 CWF has donated U.$ 450 in Arequipa Peru to San Benito Cottolengo for children with physics and mental problems

In 2009 CWF has donated 3,000 dollars for  children with cáncer in Quito - Ecuador

In 2010 CWF has donated 2000 dollars for for volunteer firefighters Valparaiso

In 2010 CWF has donated 2000 dollars a través del Rotary Club de Cusco para remodelar el pabellón hospital Lorena

In 2010 CWF (Cuisiniers Sans Frontières) donated 3.500 dollars to the Association of Cancer stricken Children of México.

In 2010 CWF (Cocineros Sin Fronteras ) donated 5 tons of dresses to Cruz Roja for the victims of Flood of Veracruz State in Mexico

CWF is developing a first-aid and nutrition emergency program, covering the provision of immediate assistance, transfer services, resource mobilization and other activities in areas hit by floods, earthquakes, mudslides and other natural and man-made disasters such as wers.

In developing these programs CWF relies on the collaboration of armies, boy-scout organizations and gastronomical education and certification centers.

In 2011 CWF donated 2000 dollars to the SUPER TENEDORES institution in Mar del Plata ARGENTINA.

In 2012 CWF has donated ….in Sao Roque – Brazil.

In 2012 CWF has donated 1000 dollars milk and food for burned children Las Mercedes hospital in Chiclayo – Perú.

In 2013 CWF has donated 3,000 dollars for autistic children in Quito.

In 2013 CWF has donated three teams of giant TV screens for the burn ward Children Hospital Las Mercedes Chiclayo.

In 2014 CWF has donated 2000 dolares did all the remodeling of the floor, painting the walls and change the wiring of the orphanage Tadeo Torres de Cuenca Ecuador.

Also, it was formally introduced to FAO and the United Nations.


Pablo Guerrero

Director Cocineros Sin Fronteras America Latina


Jacques Benoit 



Diego Silva Lehmann

Embajador Mundial

Cooks without borders/frontiers

Cocinero Sin Fronteras

Belonging to AREGALA means to be a chef of a great prestife and great human and professional values, but above all, a friendly person, willing to share his knowledge with other members of the Association. Aregala works like a big family and it is a status symboll in the culinary world. A medal or diploma of AREGALA simbolizes the highest gastronomic  honor. Each medal or trophy of AREGALA is duly certified and registered in our Bueau of Archives and Historical Records.

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